U$49,000 SOSUA Main Street Bar For Sale (road-side seating)

Listing #: B-3094 PH
City: Sosua
Price: U$49,000
Bathrooms: 2

Sosua bar for sale

This bar restaurant has all the essential features needed to attract customers in Sosua. It is on the main street with many apartment complexes and villas close by. It has road-side seating which is perfect for many of the customers who enjoy watching and greeting people who pass by. It is also open to passers bye so they can be attracted into the property. Inside is a U shaped bar so that customers can talk to each other and the barmaids. Then there are separate tables where couples and families can talk and eat and space, if you wanted, to add a pool table. There are currently 54 comfortable chairs around the bars and tables that are ideal for playing board games, especially dominoes which is highly popular over here with the Dominicans. North Americans and Europeans may be attracted to play cards in the day time. There is already karaoke and sound system for night time entertainment.

You could convert it into a Sports bar and add more televisions. The restaurant is rented to a European chef so you immediately receive monthly income. If you want to run it yourself there is no problem as the lease can be terminated.

It is also ideal for customers who want to hire the space behind the main bar for a party or celebration. There is a separate bar where the food could be laid out and drinks sold separately from the main bar.

This is a restaurant bar on a busy high street that you can adapt to your style if you so wish, or simply take over the lease that has four years to run and continue the business. Labor laws are complied with, taxes and permits are up to date and it's legally registered as a limited company so you could simply pay for the transfer of shares and use the company to expand into other areas over here. The owner will introduce you to his accountant, and he will also explain how to operate a business over here.

If you want a turnkey business then you should seriously consider this restaurant/bar.

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