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Did you break your Iphone Screen? Let us turn that frown into a smile!
The Wiz Phone Repair can fix it for you! Fast, professional technician can assist you with all your Iphone needs.
Crack Screens
*Iphone 6plus: $99.99 *Iphone 6: $80
*Iphone 5: $60 *Iphone 5C/S: $60
Other Services:
*Iphone charger-port
*Phone battery replacement
*Pre-paid phone activation
(Visit the companies listed below, online to see the prices they have available)
-Net10 (AT&T signal)
-Pageplus (Verizon Signal)
-Simple Mobile (T-Mobil Signal)
*Factory Unlock (allows phones to be used with other companies)

One stop place for all your Iphone needs. High quality parts. Cheapest Prices In Town!
***Call or Text (for fastest response) at Mostrar inf contacto
***Located at 3375 division ave south Wyoming MI, 49548
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